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1879 – 2019


1881- Lithographer to the Trade
Images with logo shipped throughout the country for letterheads, envelopes, invoices
and checks; providing quality service, which laid the foundation for the Trade’s
acceptance of the Stock Lines created through the ensuing years.
Rented space in printing district on Monroe St and Adams St. Printed posters in 9
colors for national accounts through Rand & McNally brokerage arrangement
through 1904.
1884 - The first Stock Certificate Blanks were published.
This becomes the foundation for all of the present Goes Stock Lines sold to
printers, stationers and office suppliers. Advertises in what is now American Printer
magazine- Oldest advertiser still printing and family operated.
1885 - Generic full color labels offered as a stock line through catalog
Customers could order their black imprint placed on label.
1887 - Calendar Pads offered in 6 sizes in 2 colors for sale to printers.
Fire insurance companies were primary users.
1888 - Prints 9 color lithograph commemorating St. Paul Ice Palace at 1888 Fair.
Sculptures continue as a local event into the 21st century. Prints song sheets “Song of
Great 1888 Blizzard” by WM Vincent.
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