Page 3 - Goes Lithography History
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1879 – 2019


1890 - The company name is changed to Goes Lithographing Company

Incorporated in October. Hand and steam operated presses common place.
1891- US Government Awards Goes Contract
Lithograph 1000 weather maps daily and deliver to Fair by 10 am for duration of fair
via elevated trains from loop in Chicago.
Goes prints 1893 World Fair Poster commemorating Chicago Day 10/09/93 as
Anniversary of the Great Fire of 1871.
1893 - Prints Buffalo Bill Wild West Historical sketches and Programme.
1897- Calendar Pads and lithographed Art Prints produced
This expands the markets sold by Goes to include wall décor, advertising.
Tennessee State Centennial Exposition held at Nashville to promote industry. Goes
wins print award through Rand to print 8 color 20x30 commemorative poster
depicting specific contributions of southern negro artisans.
Three posters are known, one displayed in Smithsonian and two others in public
institutions by 1997. Goes imprint very prominent CBG IV supplies information
concerning manufacture to interested parties - public and private.
1900 - Magician Posters printed for Maro the Great and others through 1925.
Many vaudeville theatrical posters printed for traveling shows. Served 12 Chicago
theaters for playbills some which still offer shows in the 21st century.
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