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1879 – 2019


1901 - President McKinley assassinated
CB Goes II was 10 years old at his fathers shop in Chicago Loop. He said mood &
concern was identical to JFK assassinated in 1963. Businesses closed. Trains were
full to get home.
1902-04 - Built and occupied our own plant at 42 West 61st Street, Chicago
This location, over 60,000 square feet, served as the main office and production
facilities for over 100 years until our move to Delavan, WI .
The move to 61st St. was made just before the “Offset” revolution in the
Lithographic industry. The plant’s sawtooth roof construction, for north light was a
first of its kind. The plant became a showplace, as well as a center for students and
craftsmen of the lithographic process. Electric DC generators installed to eliminate
steam and hand presses. Charles B Goes I and Charles Harris agree to develop and
test what became the first successful powered rotary offset press (LTF).
Winona Lithographic Institute established Indianapolis, IN by Western
Lithographer’s Association. Goes Litho and Gugler Litho of Milwaukee, WI served
on development committee.
Adams St. becomes the financial district as printers move to Printers Row District on
Plymouth Court. Chicago Title and Trust to build onsite of Rand McNally building.
1905-1906 - Olympics to be held in Athens, Greece.
Goes prints local tryout posters for display in trolly, train, and elevated cars
throughout Midwest. Tryouts to be held at Grant Park, Chicago.
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