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1879 – 2019


In 1906 Athens, 20 Countries participated with 887 Athletes.
In 2009 Charles Goes IV meets with 2016 Olympic committee for similar
advertising work. Plant located 6 blocks from proposed 2016 site.
1906 - The 4th modern Harris Offset Press was retained in the Goes plant
Using zinc plates, this opened the modern era of offset lithography. This was a sister
press to one that, on its 60th anniversary, in 1966 was accepted by the regents of the
Smithsonian Institution and displayed there courtesy of the Harris Press Company –
Cleveland, OH.
1906 - Some texts which mention GOES LITHOGRAPHING COMPANY :
Winona Lithographic Institute publishes text Stone Lithography contributors were
Goes Litho, Gugler Litho and early Lithographers.
American Text Book of Lithography by G. K. Henderson published by Levey Bros.
Co. Indianapolis, IN.
CB Goes and Adolph Gugler of Milwaukee are 2 of 3 elected corporate trustees
who oversee the formation of Winona Lithographic Institute in Indianapolis, IN.
Institute becomes part of State University in late 1920’s.
1907- Goes expands the line of Lithographed Blanks
Stock Certificates, Bond and Charter Forms were among the products. These lines
were designed and created specifically for sale through the printer on private security
water marked papers.
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