Page 6 - Goes Lithography History
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1879 – 2019


1909 - Became a member of present Promotional Products Association
International (PPAI)
Copyright and trademark protections strengthened by US Congress. All Goes forms
are copyrighted.
1911-1912 - CB Goes Jr. attends Winona Lithographic Institute, graduates and
enters family business as 2nd generation.
1913 - Corporation Record Books developed for Attorneys.
Goes produced its first series of Art Blotters. This was to lead to a prominent
position as a supplier of advertising materials to the present day.
1918 - Goes discontinues team electrical DC cogeneration for process work hooks
up with Edison as power became cheap and available in Chicago.
1920 - The creation and production of Goes Holiday Letterheads
This signaled another innovation of service to the printers, stationers, and
lettershops, promoting direct mail advertising as a personal solution to expensive
newspaper and bill posting. Now listed as Special Occasion Images.
1921- Became a member of the present National Office Products Association
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